Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Fun in the sun!!!

Here we are with boat we rented. Cheesiest picture but I love it!

So this last weekend we were able to go up to Bear Lake with Ben's family! It was so much fun. But let's just say that terrible things DO happen in threes.

1. Ben got pulled over in Evanston and got a ticket. His Mom pulled over to wait for us and the stupid cop gave her a ticket too! Seriously! Watch out for Evanston cops!

2. Ben's mom's car got backed in to in the parking lot while we were eating dinner the first night.

3. Amy and Jordan's transmission went out in their car while they were coming out of Logan canyon to meet us there!

It was crazy, but we had so much fun! I love being able to get out on the lake and wakeboard (although I can't quite do it like I used to be able to ;)). Ben's family is awesome and I am one lucky girl to have in-laws like I do! This trip only made my desire to be a boating family even stronger!

Here is our wonderful family! We are actually all in a picture!


Amy said...

Yay! You guys finally updated! Seriously I had so much fun Saturday even with all the minor disasters and i'm so glad you married Ben so you hang out with us!

laura said...

Cute pics! You need to remind your hubby that he is not driving in NASCAR so slow down! Ha ha!

Leah said...

Allie...last time I was in Eanston I got a TICKET too. It was for something so stupid. CRAZYNESS!!!

Sounds like you had a bad start to your vacation. :) But I'm glad you ended up having a good time. I think Ben should buy you a boat. You need a boat. :) hee,hee

Miss you.

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

It was fun to see you at the shower the other day. You did an amazing job! Looks like you have so fun inlaws. cute pics

T. L. C. said...

Allie send me your address to

And I will mail it away! Thanks for the sweet comment and I wish you could come too!