Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Fun in the sun!!!

Here we are with boat we rented. Cheesiest picture but I love it!

So this last weekend we were able to go up to Bear Lake with Ben's family! It was so much fun. But let's just say that terrible things DO happen in threes.

1. Ben got pulled over in Evanston and got a ticket. His Mom pulled over to wait for us and the stupid cop gave her a ticket too! Seriously! Watch out for Evanston cops!

2. Ben's mom's car got backed in to in the parking lot while we were eating dinner the first night.

3. Amy and Jordan's transmission went out in their car while they were coming out of Logan canyon to meet us there!

It was crazy, but we had so much fun! I love being able to get out on the lake and wakeboard (although I can't quite do it like I used to be able to ;)). Ben's family is awesome and I am one lucky girl to have in-laws like I do! This trip only made my desire to be a boating family even stronger!

Here is our wonderful family! We are actually all in a picture!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Movin' home to Utah!

So not everyone knows it, but Ben and I were contemplating staying in TN depending on if I got a job in the NICU here. It seems that I am graduating from nursing school at the worst time in the world! The nursing jobs in Utah are few and far between. Is anyone else REALLY sick of this economy? We had decided that if I got a job offer here we would stay, but the position has been filled by some Tennessean so we are comin' home! I will leave to come back to Salt Lake at the end of May and should be back in the valley by May 25th. I must say, it is going to be VERY hard to leave TN. Even though it wasn't my favorite place in the world at first, I have grown to love it very much. More than the actual place, the people here are wonderful. I have made some of the best friends I've ever had in just the short two years I've been here. We are really going to miss our ward and our primary class. I'm going to miss my friends from school. But we are very excited to move home and see what is in store for us in Salt Lake! I have missed everyone and am excited to see everyone! Here are some pictures of the things we're going to miss.....

This is my friend Susanna's little boy, Levi. He was born in October and I got to watch!
This is a hike we took a few weekends ago. Just a classic TN structure. Love it!
My best friend at school. Her name is Susanna and she is the best person I've ever met! That's her little girl, Emma.
The beautiful falls on the hike that we took. 
My darling friends from church at at party we had. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Girl's Best Friend....

I wanted to blog about my little doggie... Anyone who knows me worth beans knows that I am pretty much obsessed with my dog. She melted my heart tonight.... I was sitting on my bed crying extremely hard (family stuff, not marriage stuff) and she let out a yelp and came and got right next to me and just snuggled me. She will sit there and just look at me in the face until she knows that I'm ok. She even stands right next to me at the toilet if I ever throw up. (sorry that's kinda gross). I just can't even imagine my life without her. Ben and I went to see "Marley and Me" over Christmas and I cried for an hour after on the way home thinking about that dreadful day. Even though it probably won't be for ten years. I just love her so much and wanted to give her a little "shout out" (wow, I'm a nerd). She's the absolute best dog in the entire world. No battle!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Box away your stress!

Today I'm blogging about the best Birthday present ever! My wonderful husband gave me a punching bag and cute pink boxing gloves to go with it! When I went home for Christmas, Ben was left to figure out how to hang it up. After many holes in the ceiling and a ripped up t-shirt, we now have our own home gym! It is the best stress reliever ever! I suggest it to anyone who doesn't want to leave their own house to go to the gym. You can even put a face on it if you're really mad at someone! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Friends!

Here is my first posting of a photo! Laura is teaching me how, so here is the first attempt~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am so bad at this!

Hey everyone! I can't do this very well. I forgot my password and i just barely got back into this blog. Can anybody help me out?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I finally did it!~

Hi everybody!
So after much nagging from many friends, I finally started a Blog, thanks to Lindsay! Linds, you are a wiz at this blogging thing! Someone had already started it for me and I don't know who. Who is the mysterious person? I haven't put any pictures on yet cause they're all on my other computer, but this is a start. I figured since I am about to start my own family (three weeks from today!!!), I could have a blog now! I am sure I'll be addicted in no time. If anyone has any advide for me, just let me know. This is going to be a great way to keep in touch and I can't wait to turn in to a blog stalker like so many of my dear friends ;) Love you all!